The Problems

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Underprivileged students don't receive exposure to domains such as technology, communication and creativity
Women have lesser experience in college, and fewer opportunities
Students find it difficult to relate learnings from textbooks to
real-world problems

Project Description

In the summer of 2020, each one of us engaged in internships with recognised companies, experiencing work-life in diverse industries. It allowed us to reflect on the importance of 3 skills namely communication, creative thinking, and technology. Although these skills aren't nurtured in our schooling system, they are integral aspects of our future successes. Skill-IT was born with this realisation.

We decided to take the first step towards building soft skills in underprivileged students, which could help them realise their potential and develop an ambition to do great things. Skill-IT not only aims to tickle the curiosity of our learners but also to develop these foundational skills in students through intensive crash courses spanning 4-weeks.

"Only 8% of all households with members aged between five and twenty-four have both a computer and an internet connection"

Discontinuation of physical classes has put numerous students at a disadvantage.

Students of public schools and rural areas may not have the necessary resources to attend classes online and engage in co-curricular activities


While trying to expand the reach of our programme, we will try ensuring that the children aren’t dependent on one day’s internet package, and don’t have to worry about when their data would finish.

To address this issue raised funds by partnering with Microgravity Ventures.



Internet access is a significant problem for our target audience. Providing students with data would enable them to attend our sessions, and also not miss out on their regular online classes.


The general public usually puts their money in an issue they believe in. Showing the results of fundraiser would help quantify and highlight the problem at hand.


English communication is an essential skill for a student. It expands one’s opportunities and improves the impact of one's work.


  • Initiation of a comfortable and clear grasp of the language

  • Increased participation in social and academic settings.

  • Increased familiarity with important skills like Improvisation, Listening Skills, Persuasive speaking, etc.

  • Identifying common areas of error, solving tricky questions like difference b/w its and it’s, often misspelt words, etc.





Learning the foundational concepts of Python (a programming language)


  • Understanding how to display things on the screen and take user input

  • Learning how to use conditional statements

  • Becoming familiar with the usage of integers, strings, and lists

  • Understanding the process of iteration

  • Using the knowledge gained to create practical programs such as:


Program to check if a number is prime

Rock-paper-scissors game

A basic calculator

Number guessing game

Creative Thinking

What is creative thinking?

A way of coming up with new solutions, innovative ideas, and effective decisions.


  • Participating in fun and challenging thinking tasks will open students' minds to new possibilities

  • Learning about the design thinking cycle, and applying it to generate, evaluate and select new ideas and solutions

  • Coming up with ideas and weaving stories on the spot